Beyond Love….

Beyond love for your loved ones
Beyond love of being right
Beyond the love of being in love
Beyond love of seeking for your awakening
Beyond judgement
Beyond the confinement of religion
Beyond the collective fear
Beyond the material and immaterial

Love your Self
Love every corner of your spirit that aches in the smallest way with longing to be at Home within the Self.
Love every thought knowing the mind is not the master.
You already embody the Divine, sensual and sensitively to know when you are not responding in Love, especially for Self.

For in Love the cosmos reveals your reality
And the spirit will rest in the womb of being in peace
Comparison cannot live in love
Be the space between words and breath
Welcome the imperfection within the perfection and the uncertainty
For God’s sake Be You
Because God is Love
Because Love is Love
And everything is made from that

By: Bir Kaur Khalsa

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