Warrior Testimonials

I could feel strongly I could trust in your arms to let you change my body. I never felt this sense of trust before. I felt you touched my soul. It's like someone is doing Kundalini Yoga for you but all you have to do is relax. You are so in-tuned with the breath and give it respect.

Bir is a nurturing practitioner who is gifted in creating a calm and healing space for her patients. She works on the body with deliberate confidence, while letting herself be guided by intuition.

Wholistic Approach. Great, effective work on tight muscles for posture and movement- “retraining”.

Great feedback on postural changes! You are just a joy to be around.

I am the newest member of your fan club. I felt so so good after the Zero Balancing session, I wanted to hug you. Kidding aside, it made a big difference in my physical and emotional energy. I felt centred and strong. Thanks a lot!

Zero balancing is the perfect blend of massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy. The benefits are great for bringing the body into alignment and releasing tension. It brings a sense of awareness to the body and adjusts the imbalances in a subtle , gentle way. Bir Kaur has great strength, precision and experience when it comes to addressing the body's need for reintegration. I highly recommend Bir Kaur and her practice of zero balancing!

You listen more and are not stuck in one way of doing things...It’s so great.

When I thought about where to begin in writing this review for Bir Kaur, I am brought back to the first class I ever had with her, the first Kundalini yoga class I had ever gone to. Over and over, I tell friends and family that if Bir Kaur hadn’t been my first teacher, I don’t think I would have gotten so hooked.

Her presence filled the room and created the kind of atmosphere that invites your inner truth out and coaxes it into your awareness. When I heard she was doing Kundalini Yoga Therapy, I immediately knew the universe had offered me an opportunity to dive deeper into my healing and awakening. I had been struggling with habitual, addictive behaviors and mental blocks that held me back from fully realizing what my heart had been calling me to do. After just one session, I was empowered.

The kriyas, meditations, and acupressure points she recommended gave me the strength I needed to overcome my obstacles and choose a new path for my life. Her presence projects through a room, a skype call, and an email to wrap you in love and inspiration. I am not exaggerating when I say her prescription has facilitated a powerful joy in me.

Thank you, Bir Kaur! Sat nam.

Bir provided my husband and I private Kundalini Yoga sessions in our home, and we loved it and her!

We enjoyed having the privacy to experience a lot of new learning with a teacher that is exceptionally loving and patient in sharing her vast knowledge on the subject. We received handouts, suggested practice for the weeks in between lessons, and downloads that supported our learning with cool music : ).

As martial artists, we were looking for an additional avenue to support our health and knowledge of healing and were very happy for Bir's services. I highly recommend joining Bir as she guides you into a sense of health and well being that is tailored to your personal body/mind/spirit needs.