What is my Reality?

My past is not my reality

For who does it serve?
History only trying to repeat
itself over and over again
like a colorless movie
and a plot with no ending.
So I must let go and let God take
care of any unresolved pain that remains
I can feel the fuzzy gray vapors of grief radiating
away from my heart already.
My future is not my reality
for change is inevitable
‘What if’
‘Only when’
the never ending list
of energy clouded with worry.
I sigh in relief as the realization strikes me that
there is risk

and then more risk
and then more risk

requiring me to give it to the Guru to handle the rest.
For these enormous and simultaneous insignificant happenings
of life are far beyond my comprehension.
I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders as I embrace
the courageous path of the unknown.
I am divinely supported, protected, nourished, and renewed.
All my scheming can be laid to rest.
The soft whisper of silence and Truth as my guide.
My present is not my reality.
For what is the definition of such a word?
The present is just a series of moments
and now…
constantly changing, fluctuating, and transforming
into something I will only know when I get there
if that ever could make sense.
For now I choose to
fearlessly trust when I am fearful,
be more silent so I can listen without an agenda,
and welcome the delicate process of the unknown being revealed.

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