Bir Kaur Khlasa

The Warrior Mission

The mission of Warrior Spirit Healing Arts is to offer healing and teach people with chronic pain
how to harmonize their mind, body and spirit through Zero Balancing and Kundalini Yoga.

Bir Kaur Khalsa helps others embody the courageous warrior within themselves so they can experience the richness of life with more ease, while not giving into the overwhelming chaos of the world. She shows healthcare professionals, the aging population, and yoga students struggling with chronic physical pain, emotional stress, or burnout how to embody the experience of being completely committed, relaxed, and confident in their everyday lives.

Her emersion in the world of physiotherapy started in 1998. Prior to receiving her physical therapist assistant license in 2011 in the United States, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science at Northern Arizona University in 2006.

She began to recognize how she could integrate and align all the aspects of herself in 2011 through the discovery of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She received her KRI Certification as a  Kundalini Teacher in 2014.  In 2012 she began to learn about other healing modalities such as the Feldenkrais Method® and Spacial Dynamics®. Bir Kaur is also a IAYT Certified Kundalini Yoga Therapist (3 year program) and is also a Certified Zero Balancing Practitioner (2.5 year program). As of 2017 she is in school to be a registered acupuncturist.

Warrior Spirit Healing Art's vision is dedicated to healing and empowering others to bring balance to their mind, body and spirit.

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Mental Clarity


I feel like I’m treated as an individual with attention to my particular problems and needs.  At other clinics I felt like I was plugged into a preset regimen.

Wholistic Approach. Great, effective work on tight muscles for posture and movement- “retraining”.  Great feedback on postural changes! You are just a joy to be around.