Community Building Partners


Building community with other like minded healthcare professionals and business partners is important to Warrior Spirit Healing Arts.

Here you will find a list of community partners that Bir Kaur Khalsa supports and refers clients to. In addition, these partners have shared they value and demonstrate in their business the importance of healthcare services being accessible to everyone.

Healthcare Professionals

Nirmal Singh: Compassionate Inquiry Coaching, Beyond Addiction Trainer, Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer
The Wellness Path (Brantford, ON) Focus on trauma and addiction

Maggie Brooker MSW, BSW, CYW, RSW: Counselling, Reiki
(Brantford, ON) Focus on trauma, family abuse, anxiety, mood disorders, addiction

Rachel Birley, MA RP OAMHP C.HYP: Psychotherapy & Counseling
Serenity Counselling (Brantford, ON) Focus on counseling for fertility

Caleb McCleary, M.OMSc, BA Kin : Osteopathy
Balanced Motion Osteo (Brantford, ON)

Dr. Laura Neal, D.C. : Chiropractor
Brantford Chiropractic (Brantford, ON)

Yumi Ridsdale, TCMP, R.Ac : Acupuncture, TCM herbal medicine and more
Trillium Chinese Medicine (Cambridge, ON)

Caryn Sherman, RAc, RTCMP : Acupuncture, TCM herbal medicine, Tai Chi classes, more
Taking Care of Me (Burlington, ON)

Anne Braund, PT : gentle manual therapy, zero balancing, process acupressure and more
The Annergy Centre (Toronto, ON)

Community Businesses

Centre for Mindfulness Studies (Toronto, ON)
(Mindfulness courses, promotes accessible mental health)

Wabi Sabi Crystals (Paris, ON)

Community Acupuncture

In alignment with Warrior Spirit Healing Art's mission to offer accessible healthcare to the community, Bir Kaur  offers Community Acupuncture in Paris, Ontario.

This is an opportunity for the public to receive acupuncture if they cannot afford a private treatment. Sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis and are usually 30 -45min in length.  You will still get a full TCM diagnosis and treatment.

Patients lay on a massage table or reclining chair fully clothed in the same space as other patients. Acupuncture needle placement is limited to the limbs, head and sometimes the abdomen. No additional modalities are offered in this setting (see above). It's a great way to receive care while napping in the calm vibes of others.

COVID19 precautions for both settings will still be kept in place with physical distancing as needed.