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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga. This type of yoga specifically regulates and balances the nervous system, organs and glands so you can live life with more awareness instead of reacting from life's challenges. It utilizes the creative energy that resides at the base of the spine while balancing the different chakras (energies).
There are over 80 different types of 'yoga'. Kundalini yoga contains all these forms of yoga creating a powerful but also calming and centering experience using meditation, yoga postures (asana), breathing practices and chanting. Many of the classes include unique, dynamic movements and rhythm so it is effective in quieting the busy mind to prepare for meditation. Every yoga kriya (series of postures) is  designed for a specific effect while also balancing the whole person in general physically, mentally and spiritually.
Kundalini yoga is a potent tool that can give you an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of yourself first without needing to you 'fix' yourself. When you have a deeper understanding of yourself and train your mind to serve you (instead of letting your mind control you) you can be in rhythm with yourself  once again while relating with the world with more acceptance, tolerance and compassion.
Although there are many different types of kundalini yoga, the form of yoga classically taught today was brought to the west  in the late 1960s with an influence of the Sikh tradition. Both Sikhism and kundalini yoga are separate lifestyles yet they compliment one another. With that said, this practice is ideally taught with upmost integrity and inclusion of all people from different lifestyles, belief systems and genders.

As of 2020 the global kundalini yoga community has undergone significant changes due to ethical breaches brought to light by the teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who brought kundalini yoga to the west. Please read HERE for further details about Bir Kaur's stance in regards to these breaches.

Kundalini Yoga Classes


Monday In Person Classes
6:30pm - 7:45pm
Join in this classical kundalini yoga class focused on awakening your inner healer. This beginner class will include breath meditation, chanting, yoga postures and sound healing designed to balance the nervous system and support you in cultivating your own healing energy. Students of all genders and backgrounds are welcome. Classes are October 16, 2023 - January 22, 2024. $20 drop in. $88 for 6 class pass. $160 for 12 class pass. (No class Oct 23, Dec 25, Jan 1)


Friday online classes
6:30am - 7:45am (EST)
Join Bir Kaur for a wonderful early morning class to kick start your day. Classes are $10 each. All levels of students welcome.

How Chinese Medicine Relates to Kundalini Yoga

Most people's nervous systems are incredibly overactive, especially the "go go go" part which is called the sympathetic nervous system. When the nervous system is overactive the organ systems, flow of energy and blood in our bodies become imblanced. This can lead to dis-ease and inflammation of the body, which also affects the mind and emotions .As a result we make decisions and act out based on these imbalances over and over again in our daily habits

(Yes...Lifestyle is a big factor unless something from the outside environment invades the body like a traumatic injury, cold, damp, heat or wind)

Over time the body gets depleted from overworking so hard, even though we don't feel it at the time.It's like having the gas pedal in your car pushed all the way down, but you are still parked but there are many other ways the body and mind can be affected.

There are many highways in the body, called meridians, that link up with the nervous system and organs.These highways are directly related to the 5 elements we have in our bodies (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood)

Acupuncture, one aspect of Chinese Medicine, works by inserting needles into specific areas on meridians (highways) for a specific effect to balance the energy, blood, organs and nervous system.There are 365 acupuncture points!

Kundalini yoga and meditation work in a similar way to acupuncture by balancing the meridians (and therefore the nervous system and organs) by using different postures, mudras and mantras.  It gives a specific effect on the brain and nervous system to help you feel like "you" again.

In a way, you are giving yourself acupressure (acupuncture without the needles)!

Note: Chinese medicine/acupuncture is more complex. Kundalini yoga doesn't replace Chinese Medicine or vice versa but they complement one another really well.

You can move physically and mentally away from the mindset of "I've always been this way" towards a mindset of interacting with yourself and the world with more freedom and choice without denying any part of the self.


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