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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga. If one considers the many forms of yoga like facets of a diamond, kundalini yoga can be considered as the diamond itself. It is also called the "Yoga of Awareness" or "Yoga of Experience". It is a practical tool and made to be accessible to everyone from any lifestyle.

This yoga is designed to create potent changes and awareness within. The tools within kundalini yoga enable one to choose to respond to the challenges of life by relating to their soul and unifying all aspects of themselves versus acting through repetitive karmic actions. Due to it's potent and transformative effects, one can experience positive changes within themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually within as little as 3 minutes.  A typical class includes a combination of breath, mantra, postures and meditations designed for a specific effect yet overall balance the whole person. With proper instruction, postures can be modified for those with physical limitations while achieving the same benefits.

Kundalini yoga is a sacred science, designed to encourage the gentle raising of the kundalini Energy, which resides at the base of the spine. The energy systems of the body are aligned in the process by balancing the glandular and nervous systems.  It is designed so one can practice at home regularly or outside of class.

As of 2020 the global kundalini yoga community has undergone significant changes due to ethical breaches brought to light by the teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who brought kundalini yoga to the west. Please read HERE for further details about Bir Kaur's stance in regards to these breaches.

Kundalini Yoga Classes


6AM Start Up Meditation
Monday - Friday (daily), 6:00am -6:25am

MONDAYS (all Eastern Standard Time)
Rising Warrior: 6:30 - 8:00am *PWYC*
Revived Warrior: 4:00 - 5:30pm *PWYC*

"SWIFT Shift" : Kundalini Yoga Class Descriptions

What is SWIFT Shift?

SWIFT stands for Spiritual Warriors In Force Together. The SWIFT shift is one aspect of Warrior Spirit Healing Arts that facilitates swift shifts in one's physical form, consciousness and awareness through Kundalini Yoga and wellness. By committing to understanding ourselves in meaningful ways we can come together creating more unity instead of division to form profound change in the world with the strength of a warrior and compassion of a sage. When you register online, you will be sent a link of the class recording, available for 4 days after the live class for that week.

6AM Start Up 40 Day Meditation (Starts March 22)

Monday- Friday, 6:00am -6:25am (EST)

Join me for 5 minutes of gentle warmups and an 11 minute meditation of a new and incredibly potent meditation for 40 days. We will be doing the Meditation for Releasing Childhood Anger.
This is in alignment with the beginning of spring, the Wood Element. The Wood element is strongly associated with the Liver and the emotion of the Liver is anger. Much of our unresolved anger from childhood carries into our behaviors and thought patterns as adults in subtle and not so subtle ways. Because the liver is in charge of making sure all the energy of the body (qi) is flowing smoothly, it's very important to make sure we are also allowing ourselves to reconnect, heal and integrate those parts of ourselves that were not heard, seen or loved in the ways we needed or wanted. This allows our emotions to flow smoothly, which the liver loves.When we are connected to the infinite availability and connection to all of our emotions and life experiences, we can fully embrace the blossoming of life's potential. It's time to step it up with this challenging but rewarding meditation. The class is FREE but you can donate if you have the financial means.
In the meantime, join us as we continue Sodarshan Chakra the same time with the same link.
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Mondays For All Classes (Eastern Standard Time)

Rising Warrior Class: 6:30am - 8:00am

This ongoing classic Kundalini Yoga class will give you a jump start to your day so you can feel energized, empowered and steady in your leadership throughout your day. It is a perfect class for the busy healthcare or business professional. This class is for intermediate students and enthusiastic beginners. Postures will be modified to fit everyone’s needs. (PWYC- Pay What You Can. Use the Donate Button.  Sign Up every week to get a recording of the class ( recording link valid for 4 days).

6 Week Element Series: The Wood Element (March 22 -April 26, 2021) 4:00 - 5:30pm

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there 5 elements that reside in all of us. At certain times of the year there is a predominant element. The wood element prevails in the spring season. This is a potent time to balance the wood element within you, especially if you want to improve your liver/gallbladder health.  This is class series you will have the opportunity to acknowledge and transform your anger, frustration and learn how to balance your overall energy (qi).   You will experience how the liver and gallbladder interact with other organ systems and your nervous system.  In each class I will give you dietary, lifestyle and fun information about how to balance the wood element.  All levels welcome. Meditation and kriya times may be longer than a typical kundalini yoga class. ($65 for all 6 classes, $15 for Drop In. Receive a recording of each class, valid for 4 days each week)