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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga. If one considers the many forms of yoga like facets of a diamond, kundalini yoga can be considered as the diamond itself. It is also called the "Yoga of Awareness" or "Yoga of Experience". It is a practical tool and made to be accessible to everyone from any lifestyle.

This yoga is designed to create potent changes and awareness within. The tools within kundalini yoga enable one to choose to respond to the challenges of life by relating to their soul and unifying all aspects of themselves versus acting through repetitive karmic actions. Due to it's potent and transformative effects, one can experience positive changes within themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually within as little as 3 minutes.  A typical class includes a combination of breath, mantra, postures and meditations designed for a specific effect yet overall balance the whole person. With proper instruction, postures can be modified for those with physical limitations while achieving the same benefits.

Kundalini yoga is a sacred science, designed to encourage the gentle raising of the kundalini Energy, which resides at the base of the spine. The energy systems of the body are aligned in the process by balancing the glandular and nervous systems.  It is designed so one can practice at home regularly or outside of class.

As of 2020 the global kundalini yoga community has undergone significant changes due to ethical breaches brought to light by the teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who brought kundalini yoga to the west. Please read HERE for further details about Bir Kaur's stance in regards to these breaches.

How Chinese Medicine Relates to Kundalini Yoga

Most people's nervous systems are incredibly overactive, especially the "go go go" part which is called the sympathetic nervous system. When the nervous system is overactive the organ systems, flow of energy and blood in our bodies become imblanced. This can lead to dis-ease and inflammation of the body, which also affects the mind and emotions .As a result we make decisions and act out based on these imbalances over and over again in our daily habits

(Yes...Lifestyle is a big factor unless something from the outside environment invades the body like a traumatic injury, cold, damp, heat or wind)

Over time the body gets depleted from overworking so hard, even though we don't feel it at the time.It's like having the gas pedal in your car pushed all the way down, but you are still parked but there are many other ways the body and mind can be affected.

There are many highways in the body, called meridians, that link up with the nervous system and organs.These highways are directly related to the 5 elements we have in our bodies (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood)

Acupuncture, one aspect of Chinese Medicine, works by inserting needles into specific areas on meridians (highways) for a specific effect to balance the energy, blood, organs and nervous system.There are 365 acupuncture points!

Kundalini yoga and meditation work in a similar way to acupuncture by balancing the meridians (and therefore the nervous system and organs) by using different postures, mudras and mantras.  It gives a specific effect on the brain and nervous system to help you feel like "you" again.

In a way, you are giving yourself acupressure (acupuncture without the needles)!

Note: Chinese medicine/acupuncture is more complex. Kundalini yoga doesn't replace Chinese Medicine or vice versa but they complement one another really well.

You can move physically and mentally away from the mindset of "I've always been this way" towards a mindset of interacting with yourself and the world with more freedom and choice without denying any part of the self.

Kundalini Yoga Classes


Fridays  6:30am-7:45am (EST)

Kundalini Yoga Class Descriptions

"Activate Your Inner Light" 2022 class series

Fridays, 6:30am-7:45am (EST) Online *By Donation

The year 2022 is governed by the Arc Line which is the 6th body (2+0+2+2=6). A strong, clear and activated arc line is especially helpful this year as we continue to navigate challenging and unknown times. It is associated with understanding ourselves and the world around us with radiance, grace, intuition  and fearlessness while upholding justice. Our arc line is symbolic of a halo above the head (from earlobe to earlobe) and also nipple to nipple for those who identify as women. This year all classes will focus on exploring these aspects and much more. Meditation and Kriya times may be longer than a typical class. Modifications will be provided and all levels are welcome. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Kundalini Yoga Pre-Recorded Online Classes

Have you been practicing kundalini yoga for awhile? Are you interested in how it relates to Traditional Chinese Medicine? Are you a enthusiastic beginner and ready to deepen your personal practice in a meaningful way?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are 5 elements that reside in all of us. A predominant element shows up at different times of the year. In 2021, Bir Kaur taught 30 online kundalini yoga classes dedicated to sharing classic kundalini yoga through the lens of TCM.  These classes you will help you have a direct experience of how each of the 5 elements, their organ systems and physical/emotional/spiritual components are related to kundalini yoga.  All levels are welcome. Meditation and kriya times may be longer than a typical kundalini yoga class and modifications will be provided. Although these classes are available for free, your donations are greatly appreciated. Please consider donating here:

The Water Element:  6 Classes

The Wood Element:  6 Classes



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