Acupuncture – A point in the right direction

As we continue to navigate uncertain and challenging times, I am reminded what can unite us all is embracing hope and the possibility for positive change. To help with this we can tap into the natural healing our bodies have always had. We have the capacity to create new patterns of learning in our brain which can positively affect our mental health as well. It is in the learning process we can get back to our natural rhythms of life and uncover new ways to find the vitality, clarity and the self awareness we are looking for.  When we are in tune with those rhythms in our body then we can also navigate change with more ease and flexibility of body and mind.

Acupuncture is just one form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that I practice in this healing process. Although Traditional Chinese Medicine has over 2500 years of history to back up it’s effectiveness, research is only starting to acknowledge the many extensive benefits of acupuncture with pain relief being just one of them.

As a Registered Acupuncturist I use different techniques to see not only where there might be imbalance in those rhythms but how to get to the root of where and why they occurred in the first place. I place needles at specific points on the body. These points are like light bulbs/lamps on different points on a highway to open up what you can call a ‘traffic jam’ or repair the highway itself. These energetic highways are called meridians and connect in powerful ways to your brain, nervous systems, muscles and organs in complex ways. The many meridians in the body also connect with each other in specific ways. The goal in the end is not only to resolve your issue on that particular highway (meridian) but to regain the rhythmic stability of your whole body so the problem doesn’t occur again.

For example, I was recently able to help a client resolve their chronic shoulder pain and anxiety in only 3 acupuncture sessions.  This condition was probably lingering under the surface for many months or years before the shoulder issue arose.  I recommended that they continue to come back for maintenance sessions to help continue to resolve the imbalance of the quality of blood and organ function that was actually causing the pain. With a few more weeks of treatment followed by monthly follow up sessions, this person can be feeling even better than ever!  Please note, every person is different in their healing process in regards to healing time. I found all this out by just looking at the tongue, pulse and asking detailed questions.

We often think that when we are feeling under the weather, physically or mentally, then that is the time to see a healthcare professional and receive treatment. When symptoms show up this means that the issue can often be due to long standing imbalances in the body and spirit. Sometimes issues can come on suddenly due to an acute injury or illness. Receiving acupuncture on a regular basis can also be extremely useful to bounce back quicker from these acute events. It’s also helpful to receive acupuncture when mentally and physically preparing for known and unknown  life transitions like preparing for pregnancy, menopause, surgery, changes in relationships and managing stress/anxiety/depression.

Because we are human, challenges are bound to happen. Embracing all these changes during a pandemic can be even more challenging, especially for healthcare workers.  However, when maintaining a regular self care practice with modalities like acupuncture, we can bounce back to our body’s normal rhythm but faster. When we are tuned into our own rhythm then we can be engaged more fully with life with all it offers. I look forward to helping you embrace hope, change and new possibilities for your health.