Nutrition is just as Important as Needles

Proper nutrition and healthy habits are an essential component to getting the most out of your acupuncture sessions.

Our main sources of energy come from the air we breath and the food we take into our bodies.

Most of western culture is geared to consuming foods that weaken the spleen and stomach.

When the spleen and stomach doesn’t work well, they can’t bring nourishment to other parts of the body including the muscles, joints, ligaments, brain and other organs.

…and if other organs are overworking or not enough that can further weaken the digestive system.

no surprise… digestion issues and pain often go hand in hand.

At the beginning of an acupuncture journey I send my patients dietary guidelines that will support their particular healing process.

Without fail, I’ve noticed the patients who embrace these dietary changes find more benefit from their acupuncture sessions with longer lasting effects.

I didn’t fully embrace how much diet plays into healing until I was in acupuncture school.

Often times, if someone isn’t progressing as fast as they’d like, they probably haven’t embraced the commitment to their treatment plan and/or lifestyle suggestions. This includes managing stress and proper eating times or quality of food.

Remember, with TCM it’s not just about getting pain relief but making sure it doesn’t come back.

It’s a process, though! It’s ok not to be perfect.

Yes, you are 1/2 the solution to optimal health. The commitment continues long after you leave the acupuncture treatment room.

Let’s work together.