Hands joined at the heart.
I lean forward, tension sustained.
The work begins,
My cavity becomes empty.
My thorax sinks deeper into an empty cave.
The purity of silence fills the void.
Neutrality peeks around the corner.
Every cell vibrates with ecstasy as
sound emerges from my lips
the translation is secondary
to the experience of the Guru.
You are the indescribable void.
You are the Revered One.
I feel your eternal embrace of the original womb
when I enter the battleground of thought.
Only in You shall I be courageous enough
to emerge a different woman.
Only in You may I continue to unveil
the warrior you intended.
Only in You may I surrender
to the purpose of who I am.
Only in You may I be able to express it
with unwavering clarity.
My identity lies only in You, One God.
And yet my unique gifts can only
express a small part
of all that you are.
I am christened with the unfailing love
of the Divine.
I am surrounded by memories of
baptism into joy.
The ego crucified.
I am ready for any uncertainty or
confusion to bleed onto the wood,
down to the ash of the earth.
 I am broken down and
brought back to Source.
I surrender to you.
I pray to be illuminated into my birthright.
I shall pick up this sword,
but only through your Grace.
Into One, Within You,
Within Myself. 
I am
Your student.

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