To be courageous is to befriend fear like a lover.
This lover you lost and never let go of. 
Freedom is only granted when welcomed in.
Fear makes you look twice in a dark parking lot, shiver on a cold night, and cry yourself to sleep.
Fear is the mother of anger, depression, rage, and disappointment.
It is the glue that attaches the story to the dreamer.
Yet, it is here.
Welcome it with tenderness like the untamed wild creature that is.
It’s passionate thirst for the unconscious mind cut with the sword of a warrior.
The true warrior saint is so firmly planted in the earth that she can feel the
roots of the trees through her callused feet.
She can feel the heat of the core rising up her legs
through her own belly.
Yet, she is fully connected with the wisdom of the stars, the serenity of the ethers, and vastness of the cosmos.
The warrior saint is completely aware of all four directions within her and outside of her.
She see’s the enemies next move before it is even thought.
Her fuel for courage is confidence.
The intertwining of confidence and courage is rarely mastered.
Many teachers will talk, few will lead by example, fewer will give their head up to save another.
I dare you to choose the door leading to the dark and cold tunnel.
For your Light is enough to be a guide to the other end.
It always was.

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