Dark Sister, Light Sister

As autumn continues to transition into winter many of us have a natural tendency to go inward. As usual, there’s a bunch of planets out of alignment which creates an opportunity for heavier stuff to be processed. Here are some words that flowed through me in regards to clarifying deeper parts of my shadow self. If you’d like to discover more aspects of your shadow self, I highly recommend having a session with Gurucharan Singh from The School of Cosmic Consciousness.

How is it that our souls chose to be in this ‘family unit’?

“Sisters” by John White Alexander

Over time, we grew away from sneaking into each other room’s at night
Or talking between walls while hiding in our closets.
Our escape from “her”.
And now this wounded child turns her head away
With a pressure in her chest
Wondering, “what happened?”
One could say we are ideal characters for family movie,
The sister of the Dark and the sister of Light.
We found our tribe
We found our people we call family
By blood we will always be linked
But this blood is cold with stagnant memories
That still haunt the walls of that house.
Here you are, afraid to not show when you are angry,
Like a goddess of fire and furry.
And give your finger to the haters
While I still choose to only peek around the dark corner
Afraid of it’s power, the wicked thoughts I choose to not accept about myself.
Perhaps you look away from the white light
Knowing it could pierce through just as many veils.
I see you, my polarity.
The genius who always does what she wants
The rebel
Yet I feel deep within that I don’t really understand you at all
Nor do you understand who I really am
Nor do we want to take the time to understand each other.
And for you to swallow your filthy comments about my life
that sneak up unexpectedly like venom? 

Whether you like it or not,
We are still learning who we are for ourselves
As the polarity of your Light is your enemy
Just as the glistening eyes of my dark panther within is mine.
So few have the strength to welcome both without reservation.
That would be the ultimate death.
The darkness within me is perhaps the intensity of me
That others experience.
The darkness within is the sorrow and pain that comes with being human.
How could you, God, just throw me into this madness?
Yet the darkness is the grounding energy that brings me deep into the jungle of my mind.
It safely allows my inner child to burst into a tantrum without caring of consequences.
It gives me the peace of reflection and knowing where to go next.
And so, how can I judge you, my beautiful sister of darkness.
For you are the reflection of everything I want to know for myself.
I could see how this seductive black hole of nothing could be a great lover.
Yet, do I have the courage to go into the nothingness and not fear of getting lost?
Like the yin and the yang
You and I are inseparable, interchangeable, inter-transformational.
One cannot live without the other.
We do not choose to be in a worldly connection
And for some reason I find peace in that
Yet I honor you and the place you have made in this world
I honor your tribe who I will probably never know
I honor your way of encouraging people to look past the
symbols of your initiation into this world
That decorate your body like an ancient royal robe from a casted out but once revered society
This is your gift, your way of letting the world know you are here.

 Without the dark my Light cannot have the opportunity to pierce in unknown directions.
Without you, I would not be constantly reminded to befriend the never ending circle of darkness, death, life and rebirth with every breath.
I honor the infinite Light I have recognized and cultivated to keep me anchored in Truth
from above, from the side. I honor the light that anchors me below.
Ever reminding me that you and I will always be One.


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