Water Element: Creating Your Reality with Intuitive Ease

The water element is also related to the 6th body (arc line). In the kundalini yoga tradition there are 10 bodies that we carry within ourselves. The physical body is only one of them. The 6th body is associated with the arc line. The arc line is considered the foundation for the aura which is also known as the radiant body. It’s no surprise that pregnant women have a certain glow about them. At a fundamental level the creativity of their water element is beaming through the 6th body. But this is just one way of allowing ourselves to glow with creativity.   The arc line is also associated with the nervous system and the right/left hemispheres of the brain. The nervous system is associated with the bladder which is part of the water element. When the nervous system is balanced we can navigate conflict (internal or external) from a state of grace and intuition instead of reaction.

In my previous post, I shared in detail about fear and the water element. Fear is usually accompanied by conflicting thoughts which limits our ability to act using our intuition. Intuition is based in the 6th body which is the deep knowing of something you have to do, the gut feeling, or a sensation of doing something without needing to think twice about it (yet is also not a instinctive reaction). Pushing someone out of harms way is an example. Often times, though, fear gets in the way of us doing what we know we need to do in the face of challenge. We usually reason ourselves out of  fear by saying we need more time to get something in place.  This might look like wanting to find a job but it’s been 3 months and you still haven’t re-written your resume. (Insert any situation here because we all know we use this mechanism).   The fear acts like a protective mechanism in the face of the unknown. This is commonly carried out in any relationship or making a big life decision like starting a family.   However, a strong arc line can help bring us through the fear despite the unknown. You might be thinking, “How can that happen when I have so much internal or external conflict?” It’s about getting clear about our intention, which I’ve discussed in a previous post.

Here’s a good example explaining more about the water element. Fertility is directly related to the water element as the water element is our primary source for creativity and reproduction. For most of the women I treat for infertility, they often share that their fertility window is closing. Or they might say this is the natural progression to want a kid because they just got married. But there’s also the subconscious, subtle and repetitive conditioning that women aren’t all aware of… and it’s usually rooted in fear. It’s that feeling and pressure to have all your sh%t together by a certain age.  We are constantly being fed expectations via comparing ourselves to one another through social media, the cute baby tic toks where the baby magically changes outfits lying there like a potato, the  pre and post partum baby bumps with baby in arms and even the genetic imprints from our mothers and grandmothers which include the social influences of their time.. Although we are in 2022 there are still powerful yet subtle influences stating that as women we can only obtain our true power and radiance by becoming mothers which is also includes being in a relationship, buying a house and having a career. Sure, there are plenty of other women taking ownership of their power and sharing it on social media, but somehow it feels they aren’t as recognized as much as those famous baby bumps or pics of positive pregnancy tests.  We are in a time where the walls of our previous standards are cracking open yet we are still required to follow by the old rules.

I’m not saying anything is wrong at all with wanting to have a baby. Some people know that their destiny is to be a mother, and that is absolutely beautiful to have that clarity. And yet there is more than one way to be a powerful creative being as a woman. Inevitably, at some point I gently discuss with my patients that it would be good to clarify their intent for wanting to be a mom. Some women embrace those questions, knowing that it is an important part of their healing process and journey to becoming a mom. Inevitably, any life changing decision needs to be initiated from a source of freedom from fear and with clarity which resides in the essence of our selves through the water element and supported by the 6th body.

I suggest this process to my patients because I needed to do this for myself. My whole life I wanted to be a mother, but it has only been in the last few years that I have realized that my intent wasn’t as pure as I thought and maybe it just isn’t my path. To keep the story short,  I realized I wanted to have a kid as a way to heal my own childhood wounds and find an avenue to give my kid a better life than what I grew up with instead of integrate those hurt parts of myself on a deeper level. Also, having a kid meant that I could fall back on being a full time mom in the event that my career wouldn’t be successful.  There were many reasons, but they all stemmed from the fear of the unknown, not being ‘enough’ and not taking responsibility for my life. This explains 6 years of infertility and holding onto old beliefs based in fear that I have been releasing. I’m still not a mom  but I also feel like I’m getting  closer to the acceptance of that. The acceptance isn’t from a place of resignation but more so from a place of wonder to see what else is in store for my life.

Whether it is navigating infertility or any complex personal or social situation, we need to embrace the courage to go through our fear, recognize the polarities and conflicts within ourselves, clarify our intentions and then take action. (I’ll talk about more about social justice in another post as that is a huge topic on it’s own.) You can apply this to any situation in your life.  Instead of immediately blaming others first, go within and witness the conflicts and emotions that arise within yourself.  Where is the conflict stemming from? When we get clear about our internal conflict we can act with intuitive grace. That might mean confronting a person in a respectful but direct way. Or it could mean just setting clear boundaries without feeling the need to explain. There are many different ways to access the courage of the water element, the intuitive ease of the 6th body and your inner radiance in any situation. Sometimes it will require being a stealthy ninja where the people won’t even realize how you changed the situation until after the fact. Other times it will look messy, similar to a warrior going into battle but with the intent of creating peace and harmony in the end. These are all simple and direct ways of accessing the balance of the Saint and Warrior that resides in the 6th body. It can give us an opportunity to take action with courage using intuition and grace to guide ourselves into the next moment. With awareness of the subtle energies of each moment (ex: reading between the lines of what’s really going on), the unknown doesn’t have to be so scary.

What do you want to create today? How can you cultivate courage, clarity, and lean into your intuition in the process?