The Metal Element: Receiving and Letting Go

The Metal Element

Autumn/Lung/Large Intestine

Returning to Self..

Yes, even deeper…

Ugh… I know..we’ve been doing this a long time

But we need to go deep into the earth

where the most precious metals are made.

The Mother Earth,

She generated your first breath

And caused your spirit, merged with the One

to manifest in physical form

Kindled by the

fire of the Will.

Steaming, expanding, floating

Only to come back to the Origin.

I know… this messy life feels uncomfortable

Most definitely is more real than you want sometimes

But You Got This!

You are re-tuning and returning

To the sound current,

Your breath follows the waves

Hears and adheres to the clashing sound of jumbled polarities of the mind

Like a toddler banging metal pots

Those parts of you forgotten

yet begging for attention

Eventually turning into symphonic street music

Adjusting and aligning

Stretching and pulling

Fragmented realities

And then bringing you back

To your wholeness

The heart beat

The Zero Field

Of your natural Self

The state of You when you were born

Before you knew about

Lucky charms cereal,

mini bake ovens,

snowflakes on your tongue,

loyal dogs,


tree climbing,

Superficial conversations,

soul mates,

heart making and breaking moments,

long bus rides,

holding hands,






and tears.

That space between the inhale/exhale..

Which is You

before you were defined by the world

Is Metal

Soft enough to mold into every possibility within the mind

Strong enough to hold all that you are.

Breath in all the gifts

This is the time to