“I am Grace of God” Meditation

On September 10th I completed one year of the Grace of God Meditation every day. It’s a meditation that invites a woman to reach her highest potential, inviting us to not only uplift ourselves but also everyone we encounter. It only takes a few short minutes a day. For the first few months I  followed a recording of the mantra by Hari Bhajan Kaur. The recording works great because the rhythm follows the meditation instructions.  Once I got the rhythm and I did it on my own. It’s not a Sikh Shabd or standard mantra but it is an affirmation. When we repeat words and beliefs to ourselves on a regular basis we eventually become those words. I wanted to do this meditation initially to help me tune into the more subtle healing energies while in my last year of acupuncture school. I’m not sure how true it is, but the description of the meditation says the aura will be tipped in gold or silver if you do it for a year. I figured that’s a good bonus, so why not?

The past year was full of  Grace filled moments where I found myself stopping before dropping into old patterns that didn’t serve me. There were also quite a few moments where I realized I messed up and could have been more graceful, but the realization of those learning opportunities often happened sooner than I would have noticed in the past.  We all know that 2020 is a year of insanity.  Despite the chaos, there have been many small moments in the past year that accumulated over time and left me with a feeling of gratitude knowing that ultimately Grace is always available to be received unconditionally from God. It comes in small moments like a butterfly passing by, a smile, or in those life changing, grief filled, life threatening moments. Grace can be received in all moments if we ask for it.  I still have much to learn, but this is what I’ve learned so far….

“Grace Is”

Grace is saying just enough but not too much

Grace is stopping to ask someone who won’t automatically give the ‘thumbs up’, “How does this text/email sound to you?”

Grace is stopping before acting and saying, ” I don’t know how to be more graceful/compassionate/kind in this situation.” ….and breathing through that moment.

Grace is reaching out to see how you can support someone before waiting for them to call you first

Grace is having the courage to ask for help

Grace is remembering your Essence

Grace is fully allowing someone to be in their own Truth while you stand in yours without judgement

Grace is being polite but absolutely direct

Grace is as smooth as an arrow tip flying in mid air in it’s intended direction

Grace is falling freely and patiently into the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty

Grace is smiling to a stranger (or smiling with your eyes with a mask on) and not expecting them to smile back

Grace is forgiving ourselves, forgiving each other and accepting forgiveness….over and over again

Grace is allowing death and rebirth to be a simultaneous dance

Grace is riding the wave but not letting the wave take you for a ride

Grace is stepping courageously into necessary action

Grace is choosing your words consciously and compassionately

Grace is awareness

Grace is allowing what needs to be let go of… in it’s own timing

Grace is allowing ourselves to unfold as the Cosmic law unfolds

Grace is the bridge between separation and union

Grace is holding multiple polarities with curiosity

Grace is to pause when every fiber of your being doesn’t want to







Grace is supporting another

Grace is doing what you need to do to support yourself

Grace is gratitude in the midst of loss

Grace is standing in our own Radiance

Grace is effortless effort

Grace is being completely committed and completely relaxed at the same time

Grace is being unattached to the outcome

Grace above me

Grace below me

Grace to my left

Grace to my right

Grace within me

May the Grace of the Divine Mother, Divine Father and Guru help me to move forward with you as One