Breaking Down Systemic Barriers and Building Something New

Because I am white, I have been privileged in many ways which includes teaching Kundalini Yoga, being a professional student for over 12 years and offering healing to the community.  I am committing myself to a life long habit of unlearning subconscious beliefs so that I can be more informed and aware about my subconscious actions and thoughts in regards to the black, indigenous communities in addition to all people of color, race and gender. And just so you know I’m probably going to make a lot of mistakes along the way (perhaps even how I word this newsletter to start). The latest world events are a perfect mirror for the collective and individual rebirthing we are all undergoing together. This is just one of many examples of how you can put your rebirthing experience into action. I ask you to consciously join me in this process.

In all honesty I realized I really wasn’t doing my part in understanding how I was continuing systemic racism. After all, I am this ‘spiritual’ and ‘progressive’ person, right? Wrong. I realized to be a better spiritual warrior, human, Sikh, teacher and healer I needed to first start educating myself on racism. So if you are a white person, I hope you join me in this journey of self reflection to make our spiritual communities better and more inclusive.

To start you can access this anti-racism article and list of educators and resources. I recently watched this video by Dr. Robin DiAngelo about white fragility and why it’s so hard for white people (especially so- called ‘progressive’ white people) to talk about racism. It’s a long video but an epic start. I got this info from Komal, but I am sure some of you have seen these docs floating around social media. You can also check out the Project Implicit website  which has many different types of tests you can take that will determine your personal subconscious biases. I was required to take these tests as part of my training in acupuncture school.

I look forward to discovering new ways to increase inclusiveness and break down restrictive barriers specifically within the Kundalini Yoga and healing communities. I’d like to start having conversations with you about this and how we can change together.

Email me at or call 647-642-7818 to start.