Celestial Communication Meditation Video: Adi Shakti mantra

This is a time and an age where things are at a high level of…well…craziness. Yogi Bhajan came to the west to teach us tools to manage this level of craziness. It probably will be like this for awhile. Instead of throwing up your hands and calling it quits, keep up with your daily practice, whatever that may look like. One way to bring yourself back to yourself is to remember your innocence. Celestial communication is a fun and engaging meditation to do just that. It’s a moving meditation that elevates your radiant body, helping your energy and circulation to flow more easily.

There’s a ton to say about the radiant body. This is one of the 10 bodies that makes us who we are. T. Keep it clear and strong and it will help you get through any challenge. It gives you the projection of royalty and the warrior spirit. It gives you the grit to show up the next day and face your challenges even though your mind/ego is screaming to run far away or hide.

These types of meditations are perfect for those who don’t really like to meditate or for children because they encourage a sense of playfulness and ease. Yogi Bhajan also encouraged us to teach children to meditate at a very young age so they can learn how to regulate and balance themselves. Taking into account recent events in the world, I feel the Adi Shakti mantra is calling us more than ever to develop the power and respect for the Divine feminine.

Two weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep. Soon enough it was 3am so I decided to just start my sadhana. The mantra was playing in the background and the movements started coming to me in my mind’s eye. I was never called to create a celestial communication meditation until now. Yogi Bhajan encouraged teachers to create these meditations. All other meditations and kriyas were given by him for us to teach with specific instructions.

There’s a lot of explanation for the meditation and the mudra. It’s important as it will give you the foundation and understanding of what’s going on. Ultimately, I encourage you to just experience it. The meditation itself starts at minute 3:50.

The audio recording of Adi Shakti is from Snatam Kaur’s ‘Divine Birth’ album which you can listen to on Youtube. or purchase through Spirit Voyage.

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