Tapa Yog Karam Kriya: Following through on your Intentions

     This kriya fell into my lap this week as I noticed I was falling into my usual mental patterns of questioning how I was going to get through Traditional Chinese Medicine School. I was worrying if it was the right choice adding another year to school to complete the TCMP degree versus getting the standard acupuncture degree this August like most of my classmates. Now I am able to catch these thought waves without letting it overwhelm me or causing a spiral into feeding demoting habits. These habits prevent me from managing my time wisely which ultimately stress me out more. It’s getting better but is a learning process. We all come across a similar thought process (flight, fight (resist) or freeze) while on any journey of fulfilling an intention or commitment, especially those particularly difficult ones that are worth while yet make us question, “Why in the world am I doing this?”
      Once I completed the kriya I noticed my mind was clear and re-directed on the path I originally sought out. I’ve been doing the kriya every day. The meditation has shown me what I need to do and has made me ultra aware of the habits that keep me from getting the things I need to get done. With that said, I’m ending this post now as I have a lot to do! Hope you enjoy the video!


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