Meditation Video: Fight Brain Fatigue

Here’s another meditation that is great to do no matter your experience level. It’s another good meditation to help with anxiety and depression while healing your navel, spleen, liver, and lymphatic system.

At the very end of the meditation the student is supposed to hold his/her fists at the chest, navel and against the rib cage. I did a slightly different version when it comes to holding the arms against the rib cage. However, you can also do it as it states in the printed format HERE.
That’s the funny thing about Kundalini Yoga. Sometimes different manuals have the kriya/meditation described ever so slightly different than others. Some have more pictures than others. Either way, as teachers, we do our best to deliver the teachings most effectively and correctly according to the written kriya.  I decided to share this video anyway, because overall it is quite good and you get the benefit either way. My apologies for this minor error.

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