On Death

Open your mouth
Let air escape
sound resonate
from your lips

Truth held in the kiss
of the nectar,
as a scepter to hold

Bleed it all out
through each crackle, fragment,
and flat tones of imperfection.

This is your home.
The love, the grief,
the layers of be-ing
housed in earthly time and space.
The Womb now calls you back.

The Mother calls you to heal with joy.
Befriend the exquisite darkness of your pain,
flame in hand.

Understand the deathless and perpetuating
impersonal dance of give and take
in the effortless songs upon songs
woven in the eternal symphony

The last breath flows into the first of another.
The purposeful pause between notes.

Until your last exhale
may your radiance flow with every breath,
and imbue it with every sparkle in the galaxies of your eyes.

Merge with the Will so deeply
that the sensual flow of your essence
knows nothing else.

and seduce thyself
to be the lover and the loved
with the One.

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