Cultivating Aspects of Prosperity

I was recently looking back on previous blog posts. I realized my blog posting on prosperity received the most views out of any of my blog posts. Moving along with the theme, I thought I’d touch base once again on my recent experiences of prosperity. In the past 9 months life changing events have beckoned me to embrace a deeper level of prosperity. I feel that I have been catapulted into a whole new container of prosperity in the past month or so. Like many of us on this courageous journey, I am being asked to shine my Light more than ever before. It’s a tall order for anyone to do such a thing with grace despite the daily chaos and ongoing changes of our personal lives, community, and the world.
With that, it’s taken some time since my last blog post to integrate these changes and find words to express what prosperity means to me. This is just the beginning.

Many have heard the saying that any good thing worth investing in takes patience. Yogi Bhajan said, “Patience pays. Wait. Let the hand of God work for you. The One who has created you, let Him create all the environments, circumstances, and facilities and faculties.” This has always been a difficult lesson for me. It’s only now that I am embracing what this means for me. Being slow and steady in the race wasn’t my forte in the past 10 years. Yet now I am noticing when I am patient and allow the Divine to work through me, it take a lot less effort. A dear teacher told me at Summer Solstice this year that all will come to me if I just sit, smile, be radiant, and welcome everything.
Recognize and resonate
On New Years Eve 2012 the Kundalini Yoga Community gathered at Hari Dass’s home. It was there where we set intentions for our needs and values. Needs are the things in life that are essential for us to live out our soul’s destiny, our life path. Values are the are things that we need to guide and support our needs. Values can change and fluctuate as long as they support the ultimate need of what we want in life. Over the past few months, I’ve had to reflect on what values and needs were being honored. If something wasn’t being fulfilled in my life according to these principles then I needed to change my circumstances so they would be congruent with my life choices once again. With all that being said, there was no way I could call prosperity into my life until I knew what these values and needs were.
Once I was able to recognize my values and needs. I could then be able to resonate those intentions in my life. Something was holding me back, though. Through the help of a few very powerful teachers in my life, I was able to see the underlying beliefs that were preventing me from moving forward. A good analogy is paddling upstream with a hole in our kayak. No matter how hard we try, we just keep sinking deeper into the limiting belief until the hole is identified. When that happens then the hole can be filled in with a new belief that supports our higher Consciousness. Finally, we are then able to resonate and vibrate our Truth.
It’s pretty self explanatory when we are open to receiving prosperity then it will come pouring in. However, I feel that the previous key points of recognizing your values and needs in addition to resonating your Truth is essential in order to cultivate this opening. That’s why tools like Kundalini Yoga are great in facilitating this opening and balancing of the energy systems. The
Set for Opportunity and Green Energy   is  a great prosperity oriented kriya that opened many opportunities for me in a very short period of time. Just remember that everyone’s process is different, though. (Kriya retrieved on 7/17/14 from
It takes a lot of strength and courage to bring prosperity into our lives. So many people say that they want more prosperity yet are really too scared to accept it. It’s a lot easier to stay in the confines of a familiar and comfortable life even those most people know they deserve better. Only the courageously strong people have the grit to walk gracefully through the tests presented on the journey of cultivating prosperity.
Repetition is the key. Having a daily sadhana (daily practice) is essential in life. When I first started on my journey through Kundalini Yoga, my sadhana consisted of a 3-7 minute meditation and nothing more. Slowly and gradually with practice, I was able to increase that time. Now my daily sadhana is an essential part of who I am in order for me to be my authentic self each day. Practicing every day has taught me what it means to commit to myself, my word, and therefore everything in life. Without a daily practice I couldn’t imagine being able to understand, embrace, and accept what prosperity means for me. I often tell others that although Kundalini Yoga is quite effective and transforming, it doesn’t have to be their practice. Especially in the beginning of any journey, it’s important to commit to something, weather it is taking a 30 minute walk every day, eating healthier, or doing a hobby that you enjoy. Sadhana is practicing prosperity in real life. We may not want to do it every day, but we know the benefits of it are long lasting.
Energy Conservation
As prosperity continues to flow into our lives, it’s important to know we always have a choice. For me, prosperity tends to comes in huge waves of transformation. Other times, it comes in little spurts, which is just as beautiful. Either way, it’s important to know what opportunities to accept and what we can say ‘no’ to. My life’s path is to be of service to others. However, many times I have to learn that being given opportunities to be of service doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my sanity or health. That’s why energy conservation has been very important to me. It’s important to have the clarity of what opportunities to accept and if it’s the right timing to accept it. Many people, including myself, have had experiences that they took on too much responsibility only after already committing to the project. That’s why it’s important to be committed to ourselves first and having our needs met before adding more onto our plate.
This is something that we can all work on no matter how good we think we are at relaxing. It also coincides with patience. None of the things I mentioned above can happen if there isn’t a sense of relaxing into the process as it unfolds in it’s perfect timing.
I got a big dose of what this means while at Summer Solstice this year. Countless times I would be solely focusing on my process, often working through an intense blockage or emotion. Yet I smiled, relaxed, and sat through the uncomfortable moments knowing they would pass. When I allowed the process to be what it was, something profound would happen to me. Someone would come and start talking to me, having no idea what was going on with me internally. An unexpected experience in my surroundings would occur, like a unexpected rain storm in the middle of the desert, or an entire walkway of the bazaar clearing in my presence to name just a few. It was only in these moments of relaxing into patience and the uncomfortable feelings of transition where the deepest healing was able to occur. 


As in everything in life, it takes accessing innate intuition to know clearly what prosperity looks like.It’s unique for everyone and can reach far beyond the realms of financial prosperity. There’s a lot I could say about intuition, but I’ll save it for another time.
Having an attitude of gratitude alone in itself can create plenty of transformation. When we are grateful for all the perceived good and bad experiences, we can remember it is all One. It’s easy to be grateful for the good, but sometimes difficult to be grateful for the challenges. These polarities are essential for anything creative to occur.
It’s appropriate to end this post with reminding us all to say, “yes”, to prosperity. Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is say, “yes” to all the gifts that we are given. Saying yes can also be simple and easy. May you know it is your birthright to be happy, be bright, and be the healing Light we all need to cultivate prosperity within ourselves and for others.

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