Relax and Expand this Holiday Season

Holidays are fast approaching. Many have a to-do list that seems to be getting longer. This doesn’t include the stress that can pile up unexpectedly. For example, my husband and I moved into a new house rental last week. Yesterday our indoor only cat got out and was gone for over 6 hours in the cold. She’s not used to the Canadian weather. My internal state of mind and body kept wanting to contract out of fear and anxiety wondering if I would see her again.

I kept getting a message from Yogi Bhajan (the master that brought Kundalini Yoga to the west). I heard relax and expand, relax and expand. Once I relaxed my being I was able to expand my consciousness from being contracted and fearful to being open and clear. When we can see the whole picture, much like the hawk, we are able to make clear decisions and project our thoughts and prayers consciously. Practical tools like Kundalini Yoga help us to relax and expand into this state of mind, even if we have to remind ourselves to do it over and over again throughout the day. This allows us to surrender our worries to the Universe so we can be more present. At the end of the day my husband opened the back door and there was our cat waiting for us.

To help you get through the holidays with more ease and grace I would like to share with you the Kriya to Relax and Release Fear. Sat Dharam Kaur has a great youtube video of her teaching this kriya. You can access it HERE.

Prayer is the power.
Even God, Goddesses, God’s incarnations, and multitudes of humans have done prayer and meditation on the One Almighty God leaving a legacy of prayer for mankind to follow.
Now, when war is an impossible solution to conflict, let us work for peace and start by praying for peace of mind.
Peace to you, to your family, to your environment, and may Peace bring you prosperity.
Happy New Year and Best Wishes
Yogi Bhajan

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