The Courage to Embrace Infinite Prosperity

Earlier in the year I created a vision board for myself displaying all the ways I wanted prosperity to flow into my life. As I look at it every morning I am in awe at how everything I have been asking for is consistently coming to me in unexpected ways. Needless to say prosperity has been resting cozily upon my heart lately. It’s propelled a journey of constantly redefining what prosperity means for me.
Do I really deserve this?
There have been countless times where I have asked the Universe for a specific thing to manifest in my life. However, I have always had the courage to ask for it, but not to fully accept it as my own, until recently. Many of the reasons why I chose to not accept these gifts was from subconscious learned patterns and not taking ownership of the Divinity within. In the end I was left with feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame to receive such gifts.
I have often pushed away the very thing that my soul desired to come to me out of fear of it being ‘too close for comfort’. One may see this as quite a silly and absurd thing to do, but I am sure it happens more times than expected. In the last two years I have come to realize the greatest gifts that we desire are in fact perfectly designed to push us out of our comfort zones whether it be a new relationship, a change in career, a move, or simply living your daily Truth more authentically. In addition, all the old subconscious patterns are being brought to the surface to be released. That’s why I have found it to be very important to bless myself during these uncomfortable moments as patterns that no longer serve me are letting go. Meanwhile, prosperity is rolling in to fill the void.
Transforming Intention into Action
It’s one thing to set an intention for something you wish to receive, but it’s a whole other thing to put that intention into action. I used to feel that this process was equivalent to working hard. I felt the need to work endless hours physically and energetically to prove to myself, but mostly prove to others, that I had paid my dues in deserving such gifts. Although calling in prosperity isn’t a passive movement at all, this could potentially be why we partake in unconscious actions of self sabotage. I’m learning about balancing my efforts to manifest while trusting the Infinite to take care of the rest.
Photo by Sarah Humphrey
I’ve recently been practicing the Neutral Mind Kriya for Guidance to explore these subtle undertones of ‘action’ more deeply. This kriya was perfect in helping me realize that when I decide to accept everything that is already mine, my actions come from a place of neutrality instead of the negative or positive mind. Yogi Bhajan stated, “ Saibhung- self illumined, when you are a resource unto yourself, communicating with your own Infinity- needing nothing. The ultimate posture is one of prosperity. The ultimate posture is not of you fulfilling your own requests. The ultimate posture is one asking for that which is yours” (The Aquarian Teacher, p. 101). The negative mind is present to protect us from harm but often also prevents us from embracing the unknown due to past experience. The positive mind always sees the positive aspect of any situation while seeking out opportunities for experience. However, it can often lead us to make compulsive decisions that may not benefit us. When I make decisions from a place of non attachment, also known as the neutral mind, then I can have clarity about what I specifically want and what will benefit my Higher Self. It is in this place where I can take action with a compassionate heart.
Command Myself to Keep Up and Commit
Sometimes I wonder why there isn’t a magic genie that appears from a bottle and instantaneously grants me the unrealized prosperity I am seeking. This could be a sign that I need to look more deeply into my shadow self and see what is preventing me from accepting it. Simply recognizing the blockage with self compassion is usually the first step in moving forward for me while maintaining a positive projection. Often times, I have come across life events that have seemed to serve more as a test to see if I have embraced the knowing that I am really ready to accept what I want. Allowing the doubts that arise to pass without judgment is crucial. It’s been quite helpful to sustain a more neutral place of receiving prosperity by maintaining a consistent daily practice, regular opportunities to express my creativity (art, dance, music, etc), and being willing to ask for help. Remember that everything that you want you already have. You are asking for something that is already yours. It’s only waiting to be deposited into your bank account of Infinity.

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