The Forest Within

Cascading branches of the willow trees lead me down this path masked in sorrows.
Yet I walk on my heels to be healed
As I enter the forest within.
Eyes tightly shut, open, and adjust only to behold the mystery all around.

Tall sequoias trail both sides of me while looking down upon me with each chosen step.
The natural darkness surrounding me seems to comfort me at the same time.
This forest within has many twists and turns. The mystery never fails to unfold with each step despite the insecurity, fear, and confusion. However, it all leads to the womb place. This magical place of awaits me below the blankets of moss. No questions can arise, because the answers are already in clear view. Oh receive me, Mother, into these roots where I can sigh in relief that I am protected and always cared for.
Through the rustling of the leaves I hear the hawk shout his praises. He reminds me that all is transforming with each passing second. The only way to make my way through these winds of change is to soar above it where all is calm. I can then enjoy the grey clouds and sun all as the same, knowing that this churning and twisting is being presented in my favor.

The forest within is only as deep as I am willing to walk through it. Magic and beauty await me, beckoning me to find playfulness in this almost unbearable game of hide and seek. Was it ever hiding in the first place?

I ask for direct guidance to lead me without misstep through this forest of darkness. Trust and all is well.

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