The Spiritual Warrior Within

Standing at these gates of initiation
Opening wide to acceptance
Of possibilities
Brought into reality
Through the mysteries of imagination

Clear eyes opened wide
In Innocence
To witness healing of another
Getting out of the line of fire
Of my mind

To behold the infiltrating Light within
Magnifying outward from this heart
This body

This mind
This whole
Asking to be expressed through this mere human form
Longing to be heard
In fullness
Of ourselves
To be held by others

Stand alongside me
In companionship
Of love
In all the harmonious
Tones which combine
To form remembered melodies

I grasp onto this sword of Truth
Unwavering in confidence
The sweat of fear slides along my palm
And yet I continue to hold tight
While with the other hand I open in gratitude to receive

Embodying vulnerability like a child
I choose to no longer hide from myself nor you
Rather let us help each other explore the darkest corners of the closet
Walk on creaky floors without caution
Watch mysterious shadows take shape on the walls instead of closing our eyes

With giddy anticipation to see what’s next.
Will you walk with me, warrior
Onto many ships that will take us
To the adventures of our minds’ heart
Through the undiscovered seas of our souls
In worlds that are undefined.

I only wish to see YOU, to know you
The spiritual warrior of me
And you
And us
Is complete

The fight is over.

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