New Meditation Video: Healing Depression by Clearing the Arc Line, 8/27/16
Each of the 10 bodies have a very specific role. When they are in alignment they help us to live to our highest potential, our destiny. The 6th body (Arc Line) is often symbolized in pictures of a halo around the head. You can see it in almost any famous painting of a saint, angel, or spiritual teacher.
Women have a second Arc Line that reaches from nipple to nipple of the chest. It is in these two regions where we store past relationships and karma. 
I wanted to focus on the particular importance of a strong and clear Arc Line to deflect symptoms of depression. It’s our projection of our Arc Line that creates your reality. Hence we can either create ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ on earth depending on the strength of our Arc Line (among many other things). It’s the foundation of the radiant body. So when we connect with our own radiance (joy, happiness, light) we naturally project that out into the world. If it is clear then we repel negativity easily from either our thoughts or external environment.
I’m excited to talk more about the Arc Line and how to help with symptoms of depression in my upcoming 4 week series in September.
In the meantime, here’s my latest video as I teach the Meditation for the Arc Line!

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